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views into existing restrooms and you can see the different sight lines on the floor plan. we've also taken into consideration use of privacy from the tall buildings surrounding portsmouth square to the sight line of the building. this design and concept is providing ventilation gap or space right below the roof line in order to improve the ventilation within the restroom so we have taken into consideration the sight lines from the existing buildings. this image shows just kind of overall design concept for the new building, and it was also reported by the community. however, it was noted the aesthetics, the exterior architecture is under the
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purview of the art's commission so the community is invited to participate in those public meetings with the art's commission. in addition the department will hold an additional community meeting to get public input on the exterior of the building. here is another image showing the appearance of the building from the main entrance, and here's an image showing the possible backside of the building which also needs to be equally interesting as the front side of the building. and again this image shows the overall concept of what the building could end up looking like. staff recommendation is approved and i am available for questions. >> do you want to go to public comment? >> let's go to public comment. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> yes. >> please come forward. >> good afternoon
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commissioners, general manager, phil ginsburg. i would like to draw your attention to the restrooms at the end of page street and meets golden gate park. there is a restroom there if anybody would care to do the math or the statistics would far out weigh the use of the portsmouth square bathrooms but nobody takes it upon themselves to even think about remodeling, revitalizing, improving or even making them accessible to any of the people that use golden gate park, but yet here we are. betty anne young community center, portsmouth square restroom. it's like a different class of
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people. they get everything they want. we get nothing. the elite, the fastist part -- >> i want to caution you that federal, state and local law prohibits discrimination against or harassment of city employees based on sex, race, and other categories listed below, so if you can be constructive in your community comments about the concerns that is helpful. >> >> but bringing race into it is not healthy for this dialogue. thank you. >>i am concerned for the past 11 years members in this city and county have voted and they have had a resolution that says that their parks system would be modernize in the quickest efficient manner possible. now, you have taken it upon yourself to ignore that resolution, and
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hey it's somewhere between a loss between the city and here. we don't understand that. that is discrimination at a federal level. that is discrimination way beyond anything anybody could ever say at this podium, so it's kind of ironic that you're sitting there discriminating against the very san franciscans that gave you this commission. every breath you take while you're on this board is a discriminatory one because the people that built this city built this park system never envisioned that people with your caliber of caliousness and ruthlessness would send them down the road 2001 september 11 the way they did. they got sent down the road like criminals. >> is there anyone else who
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would like to comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. commissioner buell. >> i want to make sure for the record we received a letter from the board of supervisors president david chiu in part supporting this and commending the department on its outreach to listen to the community on it, so i wanted to make sure that became part of the record. with that commissioner low. >> thank you president buell. first i would like to acknowledge marvin yee who has done a great job with the community and doing the community outreach to make sure all of the stakeholders are involved in the process. i had the pleasure of attending the last three hour community meeting which was a great process with the architects, the landscape architects, and i just wanted to make sure general manager ginsburg acknowledges the great work that mr. yee has done. i do want to note that while we will approve the
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conceptual plans for the location, the siting of the portsmouth square plan and there are many details to be decided and i would ask the department to continue the community outreach and working with the community on finalizing the architectural details and finishings so when it goes to the art's commission it's with community involvement and the great collaboration they have established. >> thank you. seeing no other comments is there a motion to approve. >> moved. >> second. >> moved and second. all those in favor. aye. opposed? hearing none it's unanimous. >> next is item eight and deferred maintenance projects. >> good afternoon. dennis kern before you and possible action to approve the fy2012-13
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deferred maintenance projects and funded by the contingency reserve. back in 2010 you approved the use of 50% of the available fund balance of the open space contingency fund and take on maintenance projects throughout the system. the commission further approved this allocation from the contingency reserve for deferred maintenance projects in future fiscal years.. the structure and the fund balance for fy12 and 13 are included in the package in attachment a. last year for our deferred maintenance budget in 11-12 the commission identified key pavilion
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athletic center and because of the floor and deferred last year the contingency of 500,000 dollars and from the undesignated contingency to fund this $950,000 deferred maintenance project. that project, the key czar pavilion floor is complete and in place and renewed the life of this beloved facility. i will point out there is still in that project bon -- a balance for that roof section and that work will be under taken very shortly, so that's the background and for the item before you for 2012-2013 the department proposes to you that the major infrastructure repair
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and replacement of our most -- what we consider the most important infrastructure problem which is the movement and distribution of water throughout all of our landscape irrigation systems and the maintenance of park water consequently they focus on pump stations and data base systems and controls and those items on the second page of the memo are broken up for you. three are them are in mccarren park and irrigation controls at lookout point and the lake mc nab replacement for that valve. in golden gate park a majority of water is from ground wells so the north pump station needs a new booster pump and a similar situation out at the zoo since
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we main thain that pump station also and needs valve and gasket replacements and back in golden gate park speckles lake and the boat basin and shallow pond right there is still the original installation and held up by a retaining wall from 36th avenue and it's failing and we have a major water lake so we proprose to take $150,000 of this to dredge and reinforce that retaining wall and replace it and that will keep the lake in place for the future. the above proposed projects as i explained to you and the three mccarren will be under taken by contracting. the golden gate park and the zoo will be accomplished by our own maintenance yard and the sprekels lake project due to
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the size of that project for the administrative code we would put out to bid. the last project that we proposed for the deferred maintenance project this year is also water related and it is the department's highest priority recreation center repair and that is the water intrusion problem in the richmond rec center and we have a vinyl floor there, multi-purpose and delaminating and uplifting because of water intrusion problems that happened over the years and the project would fix the floor and problems in the foundation and reinstall a new vinyl multi-purpose floor in the gym. this proposed probeject about $145,000 out to bid for the administrative code requirement. i will point out that per our pavilion project last year we won't know the
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scope of that project until we pull the floor up. i will say over the last several years our yard has under taken water correction intrusion on the walls and the gutters and the floor is uplifting so that just leaves the foundation and we're looking if you approve this pull the floor up, identify the last areas maybe, fix those and put down a floor that has playablity for the future. the total proposals and the water movement and projects is listed here. the richmond rec center is one $45,000 which gives us a project of just over $501,000. the fund balance that you have displayed in attachment a in the deferred maintenance contingency is $558,000 which allows for a contingency budget line listed
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here or about 12% for project management contracting fees and any cost variance so in summary our proposal for deferred maintenance for 12-13 is the water infrastructure and the projects i just described plus the 12% contingency for soft costs and cost variance and that pencils out at the $558,000 which is our proposal to you, so the staff recommendation would be that you recommend the $558,000 from the fy12-13 open space contingency serve to fund these projects. >> thank you. commissioner harrison. >> yeah. i would like to move this thing forward. i want to commend you for the use of this money. this is an excellent use of this money. i think really in the big of things this is what it was proposed to do. i
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think what you did in the past with the money is excellent. these projects are getting done and i think what you planned for the future is very good and i am very proud of the work you have done and i want to commend you. >> thank you commissioner and we thank the commission for the foresight and action for us to allocate the contingency reserve in this manner. >> thank you. mr. general manager. >> i just wanted to echo deny's comments and thank him for his leadership in putting together the annual deferred maintenance project list. this was something that an action you took i think in 2009. we came and asked that you allocate 50% of the contingency reserve of the open space fund for annual deferred maintenance program. this had never been done before in park history and we have money to tackle the retaining
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walls and the less sexy if you will the work in the park system and i want to echo the remarks and thank the commission for allowing us to do that. it's a really good program. >> thank you. public comment? >> is there any public comment on this item? >> yes. >> please come forward. >> good afternoon commissioners, recognize and department managers. an appalling use of the reserve funds clearly they should go for the rehabilitation of the equestrian stables. that is what we stand for culturally. you choose to ignore that at your own peril. you won't explain who is guiding you in
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that denial to the most significant cultural park users, and yet sprekels lake. it's deferred maintenance gets snapped up, gets fixed. so what you're telling me is that people that ride horses, that the park was designed for, are not as important as people that go to the lake. that's so funny. i mean it's just ridiculous you know. william haven hoe and not a lake goer. he was an equestrian. all those streets in the hate ash bury clayton. those were people that got the park bond together. they were
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equestrians and all of a sudden 2001 comes up and the mayor and i had knowledge of the worse disaster in american history and guess what? you're not riding the horses anymore in golden gate park. i love it. i love san francisco. thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. commissioners. >> i would like to move this for approval. >> second. >> moved and second. all in favor. aye. opposed. hearing none it is unanimous. >> next nine is alioto park and parking restriction. >> commissioners this item is discussion and possible action to establish four hour parking restrictions to be effective monday through friday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. within
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the park on el camino del mar from 33rd avenue and extending westward adjacent to the boundary of lincoln park and within the lot in front of the palace of legion of honor and signage to be paid by the fine arts museums of san francisco. fine arts of san franciscos which operates the palace of legion of honor in lincoln park has requested this establishment of the parking restrictions on el camino and the reference parking lot. these currently used for public parking without restriction and the sites adjacent to the palace of legion of honor. consequently it's these sites that they use for parking when visiting the palace of legion of honor. this depicts the area we're talking about. here is the legion,
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lincoln park golf course of course and the eastern boundary is here. el camino del mar comes in here and the 33rd avenue intersection of el camino del mar is within the park and extends all this way up the hill to the intersection here with legend of honor drive and continues westward until it runs dead end into the boundary right here, so this is the area of the street parking that we're talk about, and then this being the legion this area is the parking lot that is directly in front of it surrounding the large fountain. to give you a different look at this let me show you here. i have this screen shot, so this is a standing at lands end looking up el camino del mar going up the hill. this is the continuation up el camino del mar from the
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intersection of legion of honor drive and down the hill and this is the parking lot surrounding the fountain in front of the liege legion of honor and these are the sites we're talking about and i will return this now to the overall map. over the last several years it's become difficult or increasingly difficult for visitors to park because of the lack of time restrictions, and observations by both the department and fine arts museum of san francisco have seen this and no turn over significantly impacts museum attendance and creates wider parking problems within the park as visitors attempt to park in those areas where parking is currently prohibited which is
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all along legion of honor drive and through the lincoln park golf course. the proposed parking restrictions are within the commission's authority and jurisdiction to approve per the code section which is quoted in your staff memo and additionally the city charter gives the commission jurisdiction "all avenues and grounds located within city park land" and i pointed out the referenced section at el camino del mar and the parking lot are within the boundaries of lincoln park. in 2009 a management parking analysis was conducted and along el camino del mar and in the parking lot there are 417 parking spaces. 363 of these parking spaces are along both sides of el camino del mar and 54 spaces within the parking lot that is in front of the legion. this proposed four hour parking restriction at these locations
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within lincoln park exactly matches the four hour parking restriction that is currently in place in golden gate park in the eastern end which was enacted in 2004 and 2005 with the construction opening of the music concourse garage and these restrictions are no different than those in place at the east end of golden gate park. in request of this they will fund the acquisition of the signage and its installation. in doing the preparation to bring this to the commission ceqa environmental review is needed but we were given an exemption
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for the parking and that is stamped and on file with the department. the file number is there in the staff memo. also an mou between the department and fine arts museum san francisco. if you approve this establishment of these restrictions the department and fine arts museums will enter into the proposed or draft memorandum of understanding that you find in attachment b in your commission package and defines roles and responsibilities railroading signage and installation and inspection and signage maintenance and restriction and enforcement once the parking restriction is established. since any parking restriction the city is considered a rule. we have posted this for the required ten day posting requirement. it's been posted on october 5 on the website and all of the other public noticing site that we post in
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the city so commissioners if approved fine arts museum will immediately under take the installation of the signage so the four hour restriction is established as soon as practical in support of the next art exhibit coming to the legion which is royal treasures of the louvre and opening this year. they anticipate a large attendance for this blockbuster exhibition and wish to have the parking restriction in place for the exhibit to enhance the experience and those in the future and mitigate traffic and parking congestion within lincoln park. the support is supportive of this restriction and address the all day parking encroachment in lincoln park and observed by us and the public and the fine arts museum for several years and a source of complaint because of that. the
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fact that they would fund the signage and installation to address this addresses the resource shortage that has prevented our department from implementing the solution earlier and previously, so the recommendation from the staff to you is approval of the establishment of the four hour restrictive restriction in lincoln park on el camino del mar and within the parking lot surrounding the fountain immediately in front of the legion of honor and san francisco funding for the manufacture and instullation signage of this parking restriction for this establishment. i have also with me ken garcia and the director of community affairs and he's available to answer any questions from the fine art's museum perspective from this request and proposal. >> thank you very much. commissioner levitan. >> i just have a couple of questions so the notion of the
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all day parker. i think we have that obviously in a few destinations in this department throughout the city, but in ramping down on the all day parkers who is it that we're going to potentially upset? i assume some of the people are commuters that are parking all days or golfers or all day museum goers? who is going to have the biggest problem with this? >> commissioner i appreciate the problem. it's none of the above. we don't see the problem from the golfers or the surrounding neighbors. the problem -- i will speak plainly. the problem is from the va hospital and that the terminus there at el camino del mar it dead ends into a walk way or trail that goes up into the va hospital campus, but we worked with the va hospital. they have lots of parking there. they
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have two large parking structures. well, i have this map of the va hospital complex, and in yellow i highlighted where all the parking is. in addition the va hospital recognizing this problem has recently instituted free valet parking for their patients that come and available monday through friday and instituted through bower's limousine a shuttle and available to patients and staff from various sites in the city. we appreciate the measures the hospital has under taken but the problem persists and we would like to address from our side of the fence. >> that sounds good. my other question in terms of enforcement and coordinated and what does that mean? >> we reached out to mta on this one and they would have their parking control officer extend -- those who handle the outer
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richmond streets that are most immediately around the area would extend the patrol through the area. it would not be constant but on a rotating basis and also park patrol who equally have the authority to issue parking citations on park land would also be helping out as well. >> because obviously the effectiveness of four hour park suggest only as good as its enforcement. >> absolutely. >> great. thanks. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> yes. >> please come forward. >> good afternoon commissioners, recreation and park manager. as usual the most affected people by this resolution will be the veterans, and what a cheap shot to give a veteran a ticket when he goes to park at the va
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hospital after serving his country and having to deal with this political climate and this yoyo in the presidency and get a ticket for parking at the park. it's ridiculous. how do you treat people like that? i mean the majority of those people they're hobbling on one leg trying to get to an appointment. they're trying to find the easiest parking spot and now you guys are going to moneyize it, enforce it, constant circling, looking at your tires. that's not what you should be doing. what you should be doo doing is your job and opening up the stables and instead of this enforcement of parking. that's your job. your job

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